Software for fleet management: expenses, due dates and maintenance under control.

Thanks to our system, the fleet manager will have all tools necessary for leasing and managing vehicles at his disposal.

Fleet management of vehicles, whether owned by the company or leased, isn’t always an easy task.

Thanks to our system, the fleet manager will have all tools necessary for leasing and managing vehicles at his disposal.

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    What Features we offer:

    •     Vehicle register

    A complete, working and intuitive database for fleet managers that process information about vehicles and drivers everyday is the cornerstone of our software.

    In addition to basic data and tables, the system allows for archival of any documents (vehicle registrations, contracts, certificates), accessible and usable for whoever requires it.

    •     Time schedule

    The system features an efficient tool that will track and notify you about due dates for:

    • administrative actions (fee payments, lease contracts payments, car insurance, technical inspections…)
    • vehicle maintenance (vehicle inspections, brakes…)
    • drivers’ agenda (driving licenses, certifications, ADR certificates…)
    •     Maintenance planning and management, accident management

    We provide the fleet manager with a tool to effectively plan vehicle maintenance.

    The plan can be adjusted according to several criteria: kilometers driven, hours/days in service. For example, it is possible to schedule maintenance after every 30,000 kilometers or 365 days, but also after every 2,000 hours of vehicle use.

    Maintenance management can be connected to the workflow, from entering the preliminary budget to service confirmation and invoice registration, all within a single system that can be individually modified.

    Thanks to this, the employees can be directly instructed by the system following the maintenance plan and keeping track of past repairs. In case of vehicle accidents, the system offers, in addition to the preliminary budget, entry of all data required for their management, also important for communicating with the insurance company of the other participant of the accident.

    •     Fine management

    There is a feature dedicated to the management of fines, allowing for appending documents and entering important information.

    Based on them, the system can automatically send due date notifications by email.

    •     Supplier invoice import

    The system allows for importing all expenses related to fleet management.

    It provides the user with import features allowing him to enter invoices for fuel, highway tolls or lease payments. While importing, the system checks for the compatibility of the imported data and the settings for individual vehicles. It can then notify the user of the difference between the invoice amount stated in the contract and in the vehicle register.

    •     Exporting to accounting software

    The system allows for exporting data for accounting, either using our standard procedure or a custom one based on the target software.

    The rules of the export based on expense type, vehicle type or its use and its organization by account number or category can be set with an easy and intuitive interface.

    •     Statistics and reports

    The system generates standardized reports that can then be used for complex analyses of various topics, mainly:

    • expenses related to the vehicle, to the user, the department or the branch
    • average consumption
    • kilometers driven – current data and predictions
    • due dates related to the vehicles and their drivers (contracts, insurance, driving licenses…)
    • invoice checking

    We are also able to create personalized reports based on the customer’s needs.

    •     Car booking and sharing

    An interface for booking and organizing shared vehicles (i.e. vehicles used by multiple drivers) shows free vehicles in a shared calendar.

    With this feature, users can send a request, which is then automatically sent by email to the fleet manager.

    This employee can then confirm or change the booking.