Software for managing sales agents and representatives

The software can be efficiently used by sales agents themselves, e. g. for calculation of payments, tracking their status, and viewing invoices and their drafts.

This robust management system calculates commissions, social security payments, severance pay, and offers a host of other useful features.

This software is tailored for businesses with internal records and agenda management of sales agents and their commissions and payments; businesses specialized in sales agent management; businesses with over 100 sales agents where such record-keeping is required by law; small businesses and companies that require assistance with normative questions concerning sales agents (how to pay fees, severance pay etc.)

The software can be efficiently used by sales agents themselves, e. g. for calculation of payments, tracking their status, and viewing invoices and their drafts. Read more about Nilobit sales agent agenda.

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    What Features we offer:

    •     Sales Agent Agenda

    A thorough and expansive travel agent record-keeping system that allows management of all tax information required for issuing invoices and determining the amount of payments and contributions. Using a single interface, it is possible to manage all current information and past records and thus have the status of travel agents and all necessary information under control.

    •     Calculating and checking commissions

    It is possible to insert already calculated commissions into the system and then manage calculations and payment data based on them.

    The system also accepts information about past transactions (orders, invoices, received payments etc.); the commissions are then calculated according to rules set by the company. After the system checks the imported data and the calculations for correctness and validity, managing payments and contributions will be possible.
    The calculation rules for individual sales agents or groups of them are set or modifiedthrough an intuitive and user-friendly interface and accessible anytime through automated printable reports.
    While processing data, the user can make use of reports and previews that make manually checking the results of the calculations on the level of individual order items/invoices easier and more effective.

    •     Issuing invoices for individual sales agents

    Calculated, imported or manually entered commissions can be easily inserted into relevant forms.

    Thus, a pro-forma invoice to send to the sales agent or a final invoice in the name of the agent, who then simply confirms it, is generated. The software allows for issuing electronic invoices to be made available to the sales agent or sent to the buyer directly, if necessary. A detailed calculation of commissions can be attached to the invoice.

    •     Annual reports and certificates

    It is possible to generate reports of paid payments and contributions for specific sales agents that can be sent through a data locker or made available in the system.
    It is possible to generate all files needed for filling the tax declaration and return statement automatically through the payments form.

    •     Processing the pgd report

    Large businesses with over 100 sales agents can create a report file to be sent to the relevant institutions every three months.

    A similar option is available for annual reports. The software allows for generating detailed reports that can be used for auditing data the payments are calculated from.

    •     Severance pay

    Calculating severance pay for every travel agent is also available, i.e.:

    • Severance pay on terminating the work contract
    • Reserve fund for severance pay
    • Breaching the notice period
    • Pension
    •     Statistics and reports

    The system generates standardized reports that can then be used for complex analyses of various topics and specific analyses for individual sales agents, showing commissions, social security payments, tax deductions, VAT and other items.

    We are also able to create personalized reports based on the customer’s needs.

    •     Exporting to accounting software

    The system allows for exporting data for accounting, either using our standard procedure or a custom one based on the target software.