Software for management of business trips and their reimbursements.

Our system for managing business trips and reimbursements of travel expenses is based on years of experience of our team of experts.

Our system for managing business trips and reimbursements of travel expenses is based on years of experience of our team of experts. In addition to key features required for the administrative management of business trips, the software offers various features and interfaces helping and leading employees and other workers in the process.

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    What Features We Offer:

    •     Statements of expenditure

    Filing statements of expenditure for business trips is sometimes considered a waste of time or a burden.

    With our interactive and intuitive web interface, it is made simple.

    We also offer a mobile app that can automatically include a photo of the receipt.

    •     Prepaid travel services / credit cards

    The software is connected to major business travel agencies to provide records of their services and make them available to the employee.

    It is also possible to manually enter all expenses paid for by common credits cards (with customization options).

    Even in this case, the employee will have an overview of the expenses ready.

    •     Authorization / confirmation procedures

    Business trip management often means partaking in complex authorization and confirmation procedures.

    We have created an advanced configuration system that helps with the process according to the customer’s needs, whether simple or complicated.

    The rules of authorization hierarchy can be entered manually or be imported automatically, if the company has a machine-readable organizational structure available.

    •     Spending limit compliance tracking

    The system allows for entering spending limits set for expenditures (e.g. for accommodation and food) by the company.

    Both the employee and his supervisors can thus track possible limit exceeding.

    A filter is available to unambiguously display and manage non-standard expenditures (e.g. limit their reimbursement). In additions to specific limits, limits for total expenses and alerts for exceeding tax-deductible amounts can be set.

    •     Statistical analyses and reports

    The system generates standardized reports that can then be used for complex analyses of various topics, mainly:

    • itemized list of expenses sorted by type, subject, work order…
    • year by year expenses comparison
    • summary of meal voucher records

    We are also able to create personalized reports based on the customer’s needs.

    •     Exporting to accounting and payroll software

    The system allows for exporting entered or imported invoices for accounting purposes, either using our standard procedure or a custom one based on the target software.

    Travel expenses can thus be reimbursed either as part of the salary or as a bank transfer, with the system generating the necessary bank order.

    •     Electronic archival

    The software is configured for communication with archival systems, so paper receipts can be disposed of and only the electronic versions kept after the period required by law.