Dentsply e niloAGENT


Dentsply and niloAGENT, sales agent management software
P.P.P. – CFO, DENTSPLY IH S.r.l., Bologna.

niloAGENT currently allows us the best possible management of our sales network.
The provided process automation allowed us to reduce the time spent managing the sales agenda almost by 80%. We especially appreciate the advantages provided by individual rule setting (customer/sales agent/commission) for automated commission calculation and subsequent issuing of pro-forma invoices, issued to the agents monthly.

The invoice numbers are also issued automatically. Satisfying the tax requirements, including the calculation of ENSARCO levies and FIRR fund payments, is now more precise and efficient .
The management of a wide network of sales agents with diversified commission rates and ever more complicated and always changing tax regulations would be too complicated and laborious, if not for niloAGENT.