Fidelitas e niloCAR


Fidelitas and fleet management software
G. V. – fleet park manager, Fidelitas Group, Bergamo

With niloCAR’s help, we achieved more control over and better management of maintenance calendars for our vehicles (around 500 cars all over Italy), mostly thanks to the intuitive software that also includes a due date calendar.
The automatic importing of documents that are sent to us by various suppliers provides us with a summary of all fleet-related expenses, complete with cross-checking the imported data.
This means we no longer have to enter all those expenses manually – everything is automated thanks to niloCAR.
Thanks to this, we have achieved more effective and less error-prone fleet-related accounting processes, which, for us, is key.

Making them less time-consuming and more precise is the reason why we’re very happy with the software and why it has been able to satisfy our administrative needs.

G. V. – fleet park manager, Fidelitas Group, Bergamo